Anne Williams ITV Drama Story Real Or Fake? Where Is She Now in 2022?

Anne Williams from the ITV drama Anne is real and based on the Hillsborough disaster. Continue reading the article to learn more about the incident.

Anne Williams was a campaigner for the Hillsborough disaster victims in 1989, fighting to provide justice for her 15-years -old son and 96 others.

With this story, ITV has launched a four-episode series called, Anne whose first episode was aired on January 2.

The series depicts the story of the incident that took the lives of 97 Liverpool fans in an incident in Hillsborough.

Is Anne Williams ITV Drama “Anne” Real or Fake?

Anne Williams ITV drama, “Anne” is reported to be real. It is based on the event when Anne Williams’ fifteen-year-old son died in the Hillsborough disaster.

The drama will depict the events that occurred during the tragic FA Cup semi-final. Kevin Williams was one of the 97 innocent men, women, and children who were unlawfully killed in that incident.


Despite the fact that Lord Justice Taylor’s initial inquiry determined that the primary cause of the fatalities was a failure of police control.

The death was registered as an accidental death in the 1991 investigation. After decades of fighting for the truth by families and survivors, the Hillsborough Independent Panel’s report in 2012 resulted in the reversal of those verdicts.

The new inquiry and investigation determined in April 2016 that the 96 victims were unlawfully killed and Liverpool supporters were not to blame.

The story was written and produced by Kevin Sampson based on Anne’s daughter Sara and ECHO journalist Dan Kay’s book “With Hope In Her Heart.”

The shooting was performed on location around Liverpool with World Productions, whose previous projects were Line Of Duty and Vigil.

Maxine Peake, who appeared in Shameless and Three Girls, will be playing Anne in the miniseries.

The first episode of the series premiered on Sunday, January 2 at 9 pm on ITV. Likewise, the following episode will be released on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (January 3, 4, and 5).

Who Is Anne Williams Husband Steve Williams?

Anne Williams is a social activist who was married to her husband Steve Williams. Together with her partner, she did numerous campaigns against the Hillsborough incident and claim justice for the victims.

Steve was her second partner while the father of her son, Kevin, who died in the Hillsborough disaster is unknown to us.

She did not have much net worth but she spent most of what she had running the campaign for the victims of the Hillsborough disaster of 1989.

Hence, she was frequently out of money and didn’t even have some to file the case to the European Court of Human Rights. A middle-aged guy named Tory, from Dubai, volunteered to donate a significant amount to her.

Later, she struggled a lot to provide justice to the survivor. victims and their families.

Where Is Anne Williams Now In 2022? Is She Dead Or Alive?

Anne Williams is in the prayer of every survivor of the Hillsborough disaster. She died on 18 April 2013 at the age of 62, after battling bowel cancer.

She was not alive to witness the 2016 verdict when her campaign was finally successful. In 2013 she left everyone behind and went to meet her son, Kevin.

Even though she has already left the world, she is still in the memory of every individual as a fearless mother who fought against the world to provide justice to her son.

Anne Williams Wikipedia- Who Is Her Partner And Family?

Anne Williams was the mother of three children, who turned into an activist after she lost her son in Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield.

She has her Wikipedia profile as a campaigner where we can learn about the program she organized for justice for her son Kevin and all the victims of Hillsborough.

The identity of Anne Williams’s first partner or former husband remains unknown, as there is only information about her second spouse Steve.

Her family consists of her sons Kevin and Michael, her daughter Sara, and their long-term stepfather.

We can further learn more about her family and her struggle in the film, Anne.

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