Kim Kardashian ‘relishing freedom’ with Pete Davidson but Kanye West & Julia Foxs ‘staged PDAs show he wants ex back’

THEY were once the ultimate celebrity couple: the model mogul who conquered reality TV, and the rap star so eccentric it was hard to tell when he was hamming it up.

But now Kim Kardashians headline-grabbing relationship with Kanye West is old news and, with new partners on the scene, the ex-lovers have put the past behind them. Or have they?

Kim Kardashian has moved on from Kanye West with Pete Davidson


Kim Kardashian has moved on from Kanye West with Pete Davidson
Kanye - aka Ye - is dating actress Julia Fox


Kanye – aka Ye – is dating actress Julia Fox

According to body language expert Judi James, Kim is well and truly over Kanye, having moved on with Ariana Grandes ex, goofy comedian Pete Davidson.

Judi told the Sun that Kim and Pete looked like a couple of 14-year-olds on a first date when they were recently pictured holding hands and gawking at one another.

It seems Kim has found happiness with someone who couldnt be further from the dour and egocentric Kanye.

The rapper, on the other hand, has shacked up with Uncut Gems actress Julia Fox, who could probably moonlight as a Kim K lookalike.

But according to his body language, he might not be over his ex at all…

Kanye wants to make Kim jealous

In spite of some very public attempts to win Kim back, Kanye, 44, finally appears to have moved on.

He hit it off with Julia, 31, on New Years Eve, and the pair recently announced their relationship in Interview magazine, coupled with a steamy photoshoot.

In one shot, Kanye beams alongside his new girlfriend. In another photo, Julia a divorced mum-of-one can be seen straddling the Life of Pablo singer.

Judi told the Sun the loved-up pose seemed to hint at a desire to make Kim jealous.

Yesterday Kanye was again photographed with former Playboy model Julia this time kissing and hugging outside swanky LA restaurant Delilah.

One shot showed Kanye (or Ye, as hes now known) standing beside his new squeeze with a steely expression beneath his hood.

He poses beside her like he posed with Kim, Judi says. But then there are what look like some emphatic moments for the cameras.

Like the way he suddenly pulled Julia round and in for a kiss just before she left him outside to go into the venue, or the very passionate-looking get a room kissing – lying back with her leg over his to suggest ownership.

Public displays of lust from Kim substitute

Judi also believes Kanye has gone for a girlfriend who resembles his ex – a telling sign hes perhaps not over her.

Kims body language with Pete suggests shes celebrating her freedom, while Kanyes is hinting that he wants back into the marriage, she said.

While Kim lets Kanye and the world know shes back in touch with her wilder, more rebellious teenage side, Kanye seems to have hunkered in with a woman who is clearly a fan of the PDL (Public Display of Lust), but who otherwise looks like a Kim substitute.

Kanye and Julia's 'public displays of lust' to 'make Kim jealous'


Kanye and Julia’s ‘public displays of lust’ to ‘make Kim jealous’
Kanyes wide grin 'suggests he was delighted to boast about his passionate side with this very emphatic snog' says Judi


Kanyes wide grin ‘suggests he was delighted to boast about his passionate side with this very emphatic snog’ says Judi

Kim filed for divorce last February, but her ex has already dropped plenty of not-so-subtle hints that he wants her back.

He recently spent $4.5million on a house across the street from her Hidden Hills compound in LA and that was after he embarrassed Kim by begging her to take him back at a Drake benefit concert.

The separated pair have four kids together: North, eight, Saint, five, Chicago, three, and Psalm, two.

But Kim is showing no signs that she regrets calling things off with Kanye, having shacked up with unlikely heartthrob Pete, whose exes include Kate Beckinsale, 48, and Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor, 26.

Like teenagers on a first date

While Kanye has reportedly been lavishing his new girlfriend with gifts, Kim, 41, and Pete, 28, have been keeping it decidedly low-key.

A recent date involved a trip to the cinema to see Lady Gagas House of Gucci, while another outing date saw the pair share a pizza at a relaxed restaurant in Los Angeles – where they were seen smooching in a booth.

Kim and Pete, who got together after their paths crossed on US TV show Saturday Night Live, look every bit the loved-up couple, according to Judi.

She reckons its party down to joker Pete being a breath of fresh air compared to uber-serious Kanye.

Attractive in a goofy way, irreverently funny, and frequently looking like he puts as little thought as possible into his wardrobe choices, Kims choice of rebound buddy is almost the complete opposite of that dour-faced, super-cool fashionista, said Judi.

Kims trait of mirroring Pete suggests 'a sense of awe' and that she's got a 'crush'


Kims trait of mirroring Pete suggests ‘a sense of awe’ and that she’s got a ‘crush’
Kim and Pete's hand clasp suggests closeness, says Judi


Kim and Pete’s hand clasp suggests closeness, says Judi

Thats probably the point.

She added: Kims first public outing with Pete showed them holding hands on a theme park ride like a couple of 14-year-olds on a first date.

Even with her head bowed and her face hidden by a mask, you can almost feel Kims wide grin of delight.

The hand clasp is their favourite signal of bonding, with the entwined fingers suggesting closeness, although Kims trait of mirroring the comic suggests a sense of awe as though shes going through a major crush.

Gone is the rather static woman who is known for her immaculate grooming and elegant, goddess-style posing.

In her place is a very relaxed-looking woman copying Petes V- signs and open-mouth poses as well as his love of casual styling.

Knows hes got lucky

The feeling is mutual, Judi says, with Pete usually gawking at Kim as if shes the best thing since sliced bread.

Pete never underplays the signals of adoration, she said. He looks at Kim like a man who got lucky despite the fact that he is pure catnip for Hollywood beauties.

Their lust signals are lower, with few – if any – truly passionate PDAs.

This suggests this could be a rather old-fashioned relationship behind all the shock behaviours.

All this makes for a strong contrast with how Kanye appears around Julia especially in light of the shot of Kanye beaming after a showy kiss.

Kanyes wide grin suggests he was delighted to boast about his passionate side with this very emphatic snog, Judi said.

Meanwhile, Kim seems to be more about the sweet cuddles, hugs and giggles with Pete.

Yesterday, we told how Keeping Up With The Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner demanded that Kim and Pete go on more high-profile dates.And we also revealed how Julia Fox once admitted to selling her own underwear for cash before she became a professional dominatrix.

One shot showed Kanye standing beside Julia with a steely expression beneath his hood


One shot showed Kanye standing beside Julia with a steely expression beneath his hood

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson kiss on SNL

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