Queen Elizabeth latest news – Her Majesty ‘feared Prince Andrew would DESTROY Royal Family by keeping beloved titles’

Explained: What is a Royal patronage?

Essentially, a royal patronage is when a member of the royal family becomes an official patron, or sponsor, of an organisation.

Currently, 3,000 organisations list a member of the Royal Family as their patron, and the Royal Family receives thousands of requests a year from organisations asking for their patronage.

These organisations can be anything from charities to military associations, or professional bodies and public service organisations.

Having a royal patron can bring vital publicity to the organisations that need it most.

The first-ever recorded patronage was George II supporting the Society of Antiquaries, an organisation concerned with architectural and art conservation.

And, when a royal is stripped of their patronages, there are usually redistributed among the rest of the Royal Family, to ensure the organisations have the ongoing support they need.

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