The Amazing Race: Who Are Anthony Sadler And Spencer Stone? Everything To Know

Childhood friends Anthony Sadler And Spencer Stone, who caught a terrorist on a train in 2015, are competing in the Amazing Race.

The 33rd season of The Amazing Race is around the corner and we have two local heroes participating in the show.

Anthony Sadler And Spencer Stone are the same two people who caught a heavily armed terrorist back in 2015.

The train was bound to Paris and a terrorist was in the vehicle where Spencer and his two friends, along with some other passengers, were traveling in.

Stone, an Air Force officer at the time, with the help of the available people, took down the armed man and handed him to the authority.

For this heroic, saving lives of many people, Spencer, Sadler, and Skarlatos(the third friend) were awarded the Legion of Honour, reports Wikipedia.

Now, CBS local and other sources inform that Spencer and Sadler will be in the reality TV show, The Amazing Race.

Who Are Anthony Sadler And Spencer Stone? The Amazing Race Casts Explored

Anthony Sadler And Spencer Stone are childhood friends who caught an armed terrorist on a train journey back in 2015.

They have been buddies since an early age and are still deeply bonded with each other.

Both Sadler and Stone are competing together in the reality TV show The Amazing Race as its 33rd season recently premiered.

The first segment of the show is reported to be a race up to London.

The local hero duo of Anthony and Spencer will be looking forward to winning the whole thing as they showcase their trust in each other.

Anthony Sadler And Spencer Stone Age Difference

The age difference between Anthony Sadler And Spencer Stone is only one month.

Both of them are 29 years old while Sadler is exactly one month older than Stone.

Anthony was born on July 13 whereas Spencer on August 13.

Furthermore, it seems like they grew together literally from the same age and are still pretty close.

Anthony Sadler And Spencer Stone Net Worth In 2022

Anthony Sadler’s net worth is reportedly around $1- $5 million whereas Spencer Stone has $8 million in wealth, as per Idol Net Worth.

The pair released a book about the incident which earned them a pretty good amount of fortune.

Likewise, they also made a movie about the incident and titled it The 15: 17 to Paris which was a massive hit among the viewers.

As things are at the moment, Anthony is living as a writer while Spencer is involved in acting.

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